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Years ago, one of my favourite sources for quirky declassified and other hard-to-find material was Russ Kick’s website, The Memory Hole. That site has since, fittingly, gone down the memory hole itself, and taken valuable documents with it. (Kick blocked the Web Archive, making matters worse.) I don’t want that to happen to other sources that are closing down, so I’m making my own copies of some of the more inflammatory material¬† from another defunct website (that survives, for the moment), the old chemical weapons and biological weapons inquiry program called the Sunshine Project.

I thought I’d lead with one of the most amusing documents found by that project, a short-lived consideration by the U.S. military of a bomb capable of literally turning soldiers gay. It was given the appropriately cartoonish title, “Harassing, Annoying, and ‘Bad Guy’ Identifying Chemicals.” The implication was, of course, that as soon as this happened their military order would immediately degrade into a bathhouse orgy: